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Ramadan Tafseer Series


Because I love the Ramadan Tafseer Series by Shaykh AbdulNasir Jangda so much, I’m going to post notes up here with lessons inshaAllah. Feel free to comment and add your 2 cents! Notes are as a blog post, and videos are here.

Pure Practice

Salah and Marriage

Parenting Lessons from the story of Maryam

Leadership Lessons from the Qur’an

In-Law Interference

Being a Slave of Allah

Through the Good Times and the Bad

Lessons in Patience

Quality VS Quantity


Stories from the Qur’an

A Conversation with Shaytan

Dawah Directives


A Family That Prays Together…

Leadership Succession Planning

The Company You Keep

Speed Bumps on the Road to Redemption

Considerable Consequences

Who is Muhammad (PBUH)?


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