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[Re-vamping idea: To add Valley of the Seekers Notes here instead inshaAllah, adding one group of Names at a time. To be continued inshaAllah…]

Here, the idea is to add in the name of Allah as I come across it in AlHuda. InshaAllah I’ll begin from first Juzz’ and add as I go!

Juz 1, March 7, 2010:

When we being with ‘audhobillah and bismillah, we come across the name Allah right away, followed by ar Rahman, and ar Rahim.

1. Allah – comes from the root hamza, laam, ha and it means to amaze, impress someone. Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala is the One who amazes (through things like His creations, etc).

2. Ar Rahman and 3. ar Rahim both come from the root ra, haa, meem, which means the womb. Why would these two words have this root? It’s beacause the womb is a source of protection and mercy for the baby. Ar Rahman means the Most Merciful in a general sense – He is merciful to all His creation. Ar Rahim means the Especially Merciful – it’s a specific mercy for the believers, in the hereafter.

4. Al Maalik then appears in Surah Fatihah, and it comes from the root of meem, laam, kaf which means to possess or own something. Al Maalik is the One who is the Owner and has Authority and Control. On the Day of Judgement, only He will be Al Maalik.

5. Al Qadeer appears in Surah Baqarah, verse 20, and it comes from the root qaf, dal, ra, which means power or ability. He is the One who is able to do whatever He wants. It is also to plan (Qadar) with hikmah. It is used for the One who has the ability and power but He uses that with hikmah.

6. Al ‘Aleem is in Surah Baqarah, verse 29. It comes from the root ‘ayn, laam, meem (‘ilm) and this name means the One who is All-Knowing. He knows every single thing.

7. Al Hakeem (2:32) comes from the root haa, kaf, meem (hukm) which is an order, to make a decision. The name is derived from hikmah, showing wisdom, that He is the Most Wise. He makes the best decisions and these are the most right decisions.

8. At Tawaab (2:37)


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