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Ramadan Reflection Day 22: Bittersweet

The last 10 days make me sad. Not because Ramadan is ending (although that is a factor as well) but more so because of the intense increase in people at the mosque. I know I should be happy. At least all these people came to the mosque in the last 10 days. At least they came on the 27th night. At least they’re here right now.

Alhamdulillah. Yes. I am happy for that. You never know what obligations may have kept some of us from Ramadan. But it’s bittersweet. The whole month is blessed yet, in general, we only most excitedly take advantage of the last 10 days and sometimes only one night. It’s a reflection in other parts of our lives. How many opportunities for mercy or khayr are there in our lives but we only take advantage of those that require the least effort, least work, least energy on our part? We can pull countless all-nighters for school or work but exerting our efforts throughout a mere 29 or 30 days is too much.

This Ramadan is almost over but it’s never too late to reset our priorities. We should be taking advantage of every single minute of what is left, inshaAllah. Let’s not let it end there. We partake in the sunnah of taraweeh – allow it to mean that our sunnah salah is prayed throughout the year. We stand in qiyaam on the 27th – allow it to be a means of praying qiyam, maybe even once a month throughout the year. We aim for at least one completion of the Qur’an in this month – allow it to be at least one khatm in the whole year.


2 thoughts on “Ramadan Reflection Day 22: Bittersweet

  1. This Ramadan, I’m trying to see everything I would find odd with Muslims in a more positive light. So when it comes to this, I think we should see it in a good way. They all just want to go to Allah on a night that is blessed. Is it sad that they only come on this night, especially when it could be any odd night in the last ten nights, sure. But I think it also shows how eager Muslims are to please Allah. At least I hope so.

    May Allah make all of us continue to go to Him and never stop. Ameen.

    • Yeah, alhamdulillah the eagerness is there and the mosque is not empty on that night or the last 10 nights for that matter. It just makes me sad to think of all the khayr we do miss out on because we’re so focused on one thing. Alhamdulillah ‘ala kulli haal. JazakumAllahu khayrn for bringing up the positive point. Ameen to the du’aa!

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