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Ramadan Reflection Day 20: Time…

I keep observing my little brother this summer. He’s in between elementary school and high school, straddling the wonderful bliss (sarcasm) of not being responsible to anything or anyone. Including himself. His days are literally filled with endless time. He can sleep however much he wants and still have time to hit up the mosque for each salah and qiyam if he so wishes.

Am I envious? Not quite. Maybe a bit nostalgic. Remember when you had days filled with your day dreams and no real worries? Remember going to the mosque without the weight of midterms and finals and applications and just the plain ‘ol future? Remember not having the responsibility of worrying about the needs of family and friends and all those around you who have a haqq upon you?

No complaints, alhamdulillah. Each stage in life brings its own unique blessings. It’s just remembering to take advantage of those benefits at each point. Maybe we won’t be able to hit up post taraweeh ice cream bonding sessions before qiyaam as we used to, but that doesn’t mean our ‘ibaadah or relationships should suffer. Right? Easier said than done.

These last 10 days mean the end is near. Let’s make sure the end of ‘ibaadah and getting closer to our Rabb isn’t. All these du’aa apps and mobile Qur’ans and access to countless videos and resources online means we will never be short of inspiration anywhere, even when the time is tight. We just need to constantly strive for it. And know that there is barakah in each and every effort.

اللهم بارك لي في مالي وفي وقتي وفيما رزقتني
‘O Allah, shower Your blessings on my property, my time, and the provisions You have given me.’


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