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Ramadan Reflection Day 15: The Slump

I’ve been feeling it. I’m sure most of us have. (Can you tell by the fact my posts have gotten later and later every day?) Since Ramadan is a lesson for us throughout the whole year, I was thinking how it applies to so many things.

We come up with such great ideas and initiatives throughout the year. But out of all of them, how many do we actually follow through on? We may have great intentions but when the going gets tough, and we hit the bump in the road in the middle, we usually do put the idea on the back burner. I’ll come back to it later. I’ll have more time later. Sometimes, taking a break is much needed. Other times, that break becomes forever and we never return to that idea or project.

Whatever we do, be it school, family, work, or personally related, requires effort. It’s not always accomplished in minutes or hours. Sometimes we need to invest months and even years to see the fruits of our hard work. It’s during that time, when the light at the end of the tunnel can’t be seen, that we usually give up, forgetting why we began in the first place.

The things we want most in life won’t always be easy. Attaining forgiveness and the acceptance of deeds in Ramadan and aiming for Jannah is not easy. It does seem daunting at times and it is difficult. But always remember this: ‘So, verily, with every difficulty comes ease, with every difficulty comes ease.’ Fight through the pain of despair, of laziness, of procrastination, and know your efforts – however fruitful or not – will be met with reward in front of AlQadeer.


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