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Ramadan Reflection Day 12: Syria

Some virtues of Syria (AlShaam) so we don’t forget them in our du’aas or in our sadaqaat:

The Prophet said: “Blessings to al-Shâm, blessings to al-Shâm, blessings to al-Shâm!” (yâ tûbâ li al-Shâm). They asked why and he replied: “Because the wings of the angels of the Merciful are lowered over it.”

Ibn `Abd al-Salam said: “This is an allusion to the fact that Allah has put certain angels in charge of guarding Shâm and protecting it. This is in agreement with the hadith of `Abd Allah ibn Hawala that states that they [the people of Shâm] are under His guarantee (kafâla) and His care.”

From Abdullah Ibn Omar (radiya allahu anhuma) he said: “The messenger of Allah صلى الله عليه وسلم said, I saw a pillar of the book was taken from underneath my pillow and I looked and it was an extending light directed toward AlShaam. Verily AlIman (the faith), at the time of fitaan (turmoil) is in AlShaam.”

The Prophet said: “The heartland of the Abode of Islam is al-Shâm.”


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