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Ramadan Reflection Day 5: Not Guilty

Everyone has already seen the verdict from the case. Everyone is talking about it. Everyone seems to be emotional of some kind: enraged, saddened, disheartened.
Taking emotion aside for a moment, if you look at the law system, it was a difficult case for the prosecution. This was one of the times the defendant was truly allowed to be innocent until proven guilty and the prosecution had to work hard to prove the guilt. I mean, just try to understand the differences between 2nd degree murder and manslaughter. Realize that the jury had to neatly fit the evidence leading to a guilty verdict into one of those two choices (in a country with the right to bear arms and stand your ground laws).
Yes, it doesn’t seem fair or just. Yes, race is still a huge factor in the land of the free. Yes, it hurts to know that Trayvon isn’t the only case, that countless people of colour are being subjected to similar treatment – by the courts, by police, by the general public, even by you and I – as we speak. We just won’t hear about them because the media didn’t catch wind of their story. Yes, in the 21st century, for having become so ‘modern,’ we still cannot get past these roadblocks.
So it hurts. It makes your heart absolutely ache. And you feel so helpless. How many more people need to die for us to change? Yet we are in a blessed month in which we are told our du’aas are answered. Absolutely accepted. So channel that heart ache and desire to make a difference towards something positive.
Make du’aa to AlJabbar – the One who can mend broken hearts, restore everything to soundness and sufficiency. Only with AlJabbar will we find comfort because it is Him alone who will avenge the oppressed. Just as a jabeera, a splint, will set a broken bone, AlJabbar will set the broken hearts of the oppressed, ease the ache, and grant them justice. We need Him more than anything in our lives – especially in this time and the years to come. So raise your hands, turn to AlJabbar, and pour out the angst in your heart. He hears and He answers. ❤

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