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Who is Muhammad (PBUH)?

Who is Muhammad (PBUH)?

  • What are the Prophet’s rights upon us?
  • There is a huge responsibility upon the Prophet (S) – a responsibility that no one has shouldered. He was the sole beacon of light in a world of shirk.
  • Allah talks to him – says stand up, be strong. Be steadfast upon what you’re commanded.
  • For us – in what matter did he fulfill his responsibility?
  • P (S) was preoccupied with spreading the message – spent day and night in this task. To the point Allah said you’re going to destroy yourself from grief of the people not believing – relax, take it easy. It’s in the hands of Allah.
  • P (S) described it as trying to stop bugs from going to a fire. He was constantly on the go – sacrificing, worrying, starving, – even his family was suffering. Year of the boycott – severe hardship for the people.
  • Allah always addresses the Prophet with his title – respect. Other Prophets he calls by their name. It teaches us to speak about him with a title, with respect, appropriately.
  • Istijaab – to fulfill a request.
  • Uswa – to follow someone with affection and love – that is what the Prophet (S) is. He is the ultimate example and role model. We do a lot of lip service but true love is displayed through our actions, our obedience.
  • Allah and His Malaa’ika send their salawaat upon the Messenger so the people who believe should as well.
  • Say the durood frequently and in your du’aa – ask Allah to send His salaam upon him. Teach your family, your children.

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