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Ramadan Reflections 1

I’ve been wanting to do this since day 1 but haven’t had the time. InshaAllah going to do it now. These are my random thoughts from the last few days of Ramadan.


Last Ramadan was my first Ramadan after I began AlHuda. I think it was the most beautiful taraweeh I have attended – why? Because for the first time, I could (somewhat) understand the Qari – I could understand the words of my Rabb. SubhanAllah. I was in tears in the first night – it was surreal.

So this Ramadan came and alhamdulillah, I could understand more parts but this time, the sadness started to settle in my heart. Why? I saw hundreds of people, mashaAllah, standing in taraweeh (which is also a sunnah – not a fardh – but that’s a different topic :P) and how many of them actually knew what was being recited? The reprimands from their Lord? The glad tidings? Story after story to take lessons from? I mean we complain about being ‘lost’ and not knowing what to do, and how our heart isn’t at ease – but it’s all right there! We just have to put in some effort to learn it.

Then my thoughts wandered to our pitiful state – and perhaps a reason for this is exactly that – we’ve lost our connection to the Qur’an, our life manual, our source of hidaaya. All those things Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala warns us against – we don’t know. The things He encourages us to do – we’re oblivious. Being connected with Him – we’re lost. And so I decided – we really need to make du’aa because it is only Allah who can totally change our state. What better time than this Ramadan (and beyond) inshaAllah? Allahumma faqihnee fee deen. Oh Allah – grant us understanding of deen. Ameen.


SubhanAllah, the devastation in Pakistan is unreal. Water – the source of life, what we cannot survive without – is such a source of devastation as well. As humans, we’re so powerless – Allah swt can call one rainfall and change the state of millions of people subhanAllah, just like that. It’s definitely a huge test for the people suffering but it’s just as big a test for us – if not bigger. We’re still sitting in the comforts of our air conditioned homes – so what are we doing for the people whose homes have been washed away and the land is just submerged? Donate what you can inshaAllah, and most of all – don’t forget them in your du’aas. Don’t forget them this Ramadan or after. Remember them – remember all those suffering all around the world as we lives lives of comfort. A good event inshaAllah: www.ilminar.com 🙂

This also made me think of a couple things both Shaykh Riad Ouarzazi and Shaykh Muhammad Alshareef mentioned a few months ago. I’ve mentioned the story of Mesapoor and in that, we can see the people lived with the haqq, with AlHaqq. They stood up for the rights of whoever was being oppressed. They were just. Thus, their time fluorished.

Nowadays, what do we do? We stand up for the truth when it affects us or someone we know. Pretty selfish, no? Sometimes we don’t even uphold the truth for our own means. Shaykh Muhammad mentioned the story of these ‘pink-haired’ people coming to a dinner for brothers who were arrested. Why did they come? They didn’t know the brothers (like the majority of the audience). They came because it was someone being oppressed and they stood for justice. Muslims should be the ones standing up for the oppressed. We should be helping the oppressed. We should be the foremost environmentalists, social rights activists, for anyone and everyone. The problem is we don’t stand up for anyone. We then wonder why calamities are coming upon us and why we’re divided. Perhaps this is all a lesson for us. We need to come back to the truth, to uphold the truth, to live by the truth. Without the haqq, we are absolutely helpless.

Cool Finds

Shaykh Muhammad Alshareef has been posting ‘Taraweeh Truffles’ on his Facebook Fan Page and Imam AbdulNasir Jangda has been posting Daily Tafseer Videos on Muslim Matters. MashaAllah, both are GEMs. I came across this as well – videos from Shaykh Waleed Basyouni. I haven’t been able to listen to them yet but will do inshaAllah.

Amazing article about what we truly want: But I don’t want forgiveness.

SubhanAllah, I was admiring the moon the last couple nights – it’s beautifully lighting up the sky mashaAllah. This article nicely illustrates some amazing references to the moon.

SubhanAllah, time is flying by… so take advantage of it while you still have the ability to do so inshaAllah!


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