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Lessons in Patience

Lessons In Patience

Surah Aa’raf, various ayaat

  • Patience is a very common topic in the Qur’an
  • Given very practical examples from the nations which passed before us
  • Ties into the month of Ramadan very appropriately
  • Story of Musa ‘alayhis salaam has a story of sabr – when he gave da’wah and showed the miracles, Fir’awn said Musa was doing magic so Fir’awn called all the expert magicians to ‘battle’ Musa. The magicians still has some sensibility within them because when they saw the truth, they were able to acknowledge it. Magicians were just ‘tricking eyes of the people’ so they knew what Musa was doing was real. The magicians fell into sujood and said they believe in the Lord of the Worlds and accepted the message of Musa and Haroon. Fir’awn was enraged because what he wanted backfired. He accused them that they had conspired to do this from before so decided to teach them a lesson – to cut off their limbs from their bodies and hang them. The magicians said ‘We turn to our Lord.’ SubhanAllah they had JUST entered into Islam and this was their immediate response. They said the only reason you dislike us is because we believed in our Rabb when the signs came to us.
  • Du’aa: ‘Oh Allah, abdundantly shower us with patience from You and allow us to die in a state submissive to you.’
  • They practically lived this situation in which they turned to seeking the help of Allah in patience and salah – Allah will make it possible for you and He will make you an example and role-model for the nations to come.
  • Generations of Muslims have found inspiration and strength from the story of the magicians of Fir’awn – their story is preserved.
  • Other example (ayah 127) is when Banee Isra’eel accepted the message from Musa and Fir’awn became even more oppressive – decided to kill their sons and keep the women alive. BI panicked and got scared so Musa said ‘Seek the help of Allah and be patient.’ It’s the same message. ‘This ‘ardh belongs to Allah and He makes inheritors of it from whoever He wills from His slaves and the final victory comes from the ones who have awareness of their Rabb.’
  • Wake-up call after wake-up call comes to Fir’awn and his people – shows the immense patience of Allah towards people
  • 133: flood, locuts, lice, frogs, blood – all these different, fixed, comprehensive signs – but still, they remained arrogant and were criminal people.
  • Conclusion of the situation – ‘We eventually made inheritors of the land the people who were oppressed’ – how the tides change! Situations can change in a second.
  • They were given land from east to west and they were given barakah that there is no replacement for – the excellent promises of Allah were completed upon Bani Isra’eel because among all the tests and trials, they remained patient.
  • Sahabah went through very difficult times and asked when the help of Allah would come and the Prophet (S) became angry – said people from before who were skinned alive, cut in half, for the sake of Islam, sake of deen. You people are rushing the matter. The system of Allah is to test the people – when they remain patience and steadfast, finally Allah showers that person with His blessings.
  • Make du’aa that you don’t get a severe test because of your weakness but for whatever test you get, remain patient. Read these stories for examples of patience.
  • Find that patience and you will find yourself with the blessings of Allah!

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