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Stuff On My Mind

Here are a few random things that have been on my mind.

1. Aunties and Food

Okay, with my mom not being around (I miss her!), my conversations with Aunties go something like this:

Auntie: “Salaam beti, how are you? How’s your mom?”
Moi: “Wa Salaam, alhamdulillah, we’re both well.”
A: “Oh, where is your mom? I don’t see her.”
M: “She’s not here, she had to go to —.”
A: “REALLY? I didn’t KNOW! Is everything okay?”
M: “Yes, alhamdulillah.” [explains situation]
A: “Okay, alhamdulillah… but… what do you EAT?”

Yes, the most important matter, it seems, is food. (Desis love food, right? As my Dad says, Desis live to eat.) I feel like they assume, without a mother in the household, the rest of the family members are going to sit and starve because no one can cook. Um, alhamdulillah, my Dad can cook, as well as the rest of us. Surprise, surprise. I mean, we are sad that our mom isn’t here, but we’re not going to starve ourselves – we’re not that sad :P.

The next logical thought for the Aunties is to send us food. And, alhamdulillah, we’re eternally grateful for all the people who have sent us food – may Allah swt reward each one of them for every second they put into making us some good old homemade delights. But, please, can you trust us when we say the fridge is literally stuffed because of food another Auntie sent, so if you send food, we won’t get to it for another week? As my mom was joking when we told her about the state of our poor fridge, can’t they coordinate as to when they should send the food? 😛 LOL

Alhamdulillah for everything. When my mom was leaving, I was thinking what we would do about cooking (as both my Dad and I would be working), and alhamdulillah, we figured out how to coordinate schedules (as well as make the boys do work at home :D). This just made me think of how Allah swt gives you your rizq, your sustenance, in ways you never imagined. Did we plan to eat some yummy spicy noodles from one Auntie? No, we we were in the process of cooking our own dinner. But Allah had written for us to eat that instead of what we had planned. Verily, Allah is the best of planners. Alhamdulillah. So, no, this was nothing against any of these Aunties (may Allah reward them again!) but just a nice little reminder that Allah sent our way.

2. The State of the Streets of Windsor

Okay, certain streets around here (*cough*Wyandotte*cough*) are absolutely terrible. I feel like I will have abs by the end of the summer just by driving on them (and I try to minimize my time drving on them too!). I also feel bad for our poor van, which is constantly being abused by the potholes and major indents of this wonderful street. The suspension must be suicidal by now.

That being said, I was thinking, in a state of annoyance, why the city doesn’t just fix all of Wyandotte? I mean, it is one of the few major streets of the city. But then my mind drifted to when there was construction on the major streets (remember the Dougall mess? Or E.C. Row?) and I had a subhanAllah moment. We want everything to be fixed and perfect but we don’t really want to be patient or endure during that time of hardship.

Like any construction site anywhere, when Dougall was under construction, remember the complaints? The annoyed drivers? Multiply that by a million for Wyandotte if they were to fix it. Now, I just drove down a good portion of Dougall the other day, and mashaAllah, smooth driving. Absolute ease. Say it together – ‘With hardship comes ease…’ So if we want to change something, or fix it, it necessitates hardship, patience, perserverance, and endurance. It’s not going to be smooth sailing all the way through – sometimes the water is choppy and difficult, sometimes it seems like it will never end, but when it does, and the sun is shining, and the sailing is smooth, it is absolutely worth it.

Now, someone needs to get them started on Wyandotte…

3. Excitement for The Dajjal?

No, not literally the Dajjal himself, but learning about the Dajjal from Shaykh Ashan Hanif. Shaykh Ahsan was supposed to give a lecture last night on this topic. Come Maghrib, the parking lot was packed before salah (impressive) and the Musallah was teeming with people, alhamdulillah. After salah comes the heart-breaking announcement – Shaykh Ahsan wasn’t feeling well (May Allah swt grant him shifaa) and so the lecture was cancelled. (No worries – Friday’s lecture is still on inshaAllah.)

Huh? So, all these people came and now they have to go back? No, alhamdulillah, they came, prayed at the mosque in jama’ah, with the intention to learn something about their deen – and inshaAllah, they will be rewarded for that. Isn’t that an awesome state of the believer? For the lecture, you would have been rewarded and with no lecture, but just the intention to learn, you are rewarded. SubhanAllah, it’s beautiful.

Again, Allah’s plans comes up. It was for the best – maybe we didn’t see it last night, maybe we won’t see it in a week. It may be that we realize in a few years, or ultimately, in the akhirah, why this lecture was cancelled. All the believer can do is say Alhamdulillah ‘ala kulli haal – Allah is the best of planners, so praise be to Him in every situation. I was looking forward to posting notes about the Dajjal today 🙂 but maybe I was supposed to focus on something else. Allah knows best. It’s something for us to live by – when something doesn’t go according to our plan, it’s all good because as long as it’s going according to the best of plans, Allah’s plans, what could be better for us? 


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