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The Qur’an Challenge

What is The Qur’an Challenge?The Qur’an Challenge is a project to encourage everyone to read the Qur’an in their own language within 60 days.

The idea is to commit yourself to reading a translation of the Qur’an in your own language and then sticking to that.

How Do I Use this Site?

  1. Join the Mailing List (from the right of this page).
  2. Then, post a message on the forum here committing yourself to the challenge.
  3. Then, post your daily progress here.
  4. Check out the resources (and add your own), watch the videos, arrange a meetup.
  5. Subscribe to the RSS feed.
  6. Join the Facebook group and follow us on Twitter.
  7. TELL OTHERS and get reward for encouraging others to read the Qur’an.

But most important of all: READ THE QUR’AN in your own language and make sure you finish.

May Allah give us the understanding of the Qur’an and raise us up with its people on the Last Day.


So, how about it? Who’s in inshaAllah? 🙂


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