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No Excuses, Just Results


Today, in AlHuda, we went over verses 64 – 74 of Surah Tawbah. SubhanAllah, these verses are in reference to the hypocrites and a great reminder for us inshaAllah.

First, the characteristic of making fun of the deen – Allah, His Messenger, and His Ayaat  – is mentioned. SubhanAllah, making fun of the deen is everywhere – in the media, in people, in conversations, everywhere. Even little things count! It’s a huge thing. A GEM from this: Anything we don’t understand – we don’t have a right to mock it. Allah is All-Knowing. You aren’t.

Then the excuse is mentioned: “We were only jesting and having fun.” SubhanAllah, making fun of deen isn’t something fun. They presented an excuse to somehow make it ‘okay.’ GEM: To present an excuse AFTER a mistake is a GREATER crime.

What about us? Anything goes wrong and we have a million excuses (myself first – astaghfirullah). Who presented the first excuse? Shaytan. He said he was better than Adam (as) because he was made of fire and not clay – where did that get him?

So live by the words of Shaykh Muhammad Alshareef: No Excuses, Just Results.

The traist mentioned later of the hypocrites are 3: 1) They forbid good 2) Command evil 3) Stop from spending in good. They also forgot the rememberance of Allah. In turn, Allah will treat them as if He has forgotten them. What are the characteristics of the believers? The exact opposite: 1) Command good 2) Forbid evil 3) Spend in good. Believers Remember Allah – in the best of way: Salah. Allah will remember them. Which are we? When you do good, Allah grants you the tawfique to do good – and the opposite is true.

We need to take lesson from these stories and those of the Nations before us – because that’s what they’re here for!

GEM: Verse 71: The word ‘Awliyaa is used for the believers – showing their loyalty to each other. It wasn’t used in reference to the hypocrites in verse 67 showing that the hypocrites aren’t loyal to the believers OR to other hypocrites.

What’s the end result? Eternal punishment in Hell of the hypocrites and disbelievers and the curse of Allah. For the believers, eternal bliss and enjoyment in Jannah and Allah’s pleasure. Take your pick. (Not going to lie – the description of Jannah is off the hook, mashaAllah).

May Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala grant us the Tawfique to please Him and Him Alone.


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