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Stereotypes and Muslims


I came across these videos on the wonderful Facebook: (there are 7 parts) 

This started as a discussion on the movie ‘My Name is Khan’ which is about a Muslim after 9/11.

SubhanAllah, it shows so well the state of our Ummah. The Scholars (Dr. Zakir Naik, Maulana Madani) say very little in comparison to the rest, who are pretty willing to throw around their opinions, which are *just* opinions, and in a sweeping gesture, say this is *my* Islam. Some things that stood out at me:

  • Islam is only between me and my Creator
  • Don’t force anything on anyone – don’t even mention it
  • Having a beard and wearing hijab are just physical things which aren’t important – we should worry about the inner part (ironically, I don’t know if these people do focus on the inner part?)
  • You must become ‘moderate’ in order to differentiate yourself from the ‘terrorists’
  • If your mom wore hijab, so do you. If she didn’t, neither do you. If for some reason you do, we worry for you
  • The media isn’t that bad – it is true what they say
  • If you don’t have any knowledge about religion, it’s all good. You can throw around all the pseudo-fatwas you want.

Sigh, subhanAllah, I could go on with that list. I really felt like Dr. Zakir Naik and Maulana Madani were not allowed to say what they wanted to at all. It seemed to me, though the host did a good job, if she didn’t like what someone was saying, she would cut them off and move on.

2 things that really stood out at me:

Dr. Zakir Naik saying that there is no ‘moderate’ Muslim or ‘extreme’ Muslim. It’s either you’re practicing Muslim or you’re not. Enough said. One of the panelists didn’t like that but in the end, isn’t that how everything is? Either you do your job or you don’t. If he, as an actor, decided he would act in some scenes and not the others, wouldn’t the director dislike that? So how is it that as Muslims, we decide we will do some actions, ignore the rest, and then hope for Allah’s forgiveness?

Shahrukh Khan said only one thing which didn’t annoy me (lol): The religious scholars need to do a good job of explaining to the masses what Islam is. I agree and it shouldn’t just be the scholars but also Muslims in general. Only catch is Muslims in general cannot do that until they themselves are properly informed about the religion. Ideally, this would help so much, but then the wonderful media comes to mind and reminds me how there are scholars who try (think Dr. Zakir and Maulana Madani just in this clip) but their voice isn’t really heard.

Sigh. Time to make du’aa for our Ummah… as always. May Allah swt grant us the tawqfique to understand and properly implement His deen! Ameen.


2 thoughts on “Stereotypes and Muslims

  1. man that was really interesting…. subhanAllah, did you notice how quiet Dr. Zakir Naik and Maulana Madani?

    jazakiAllahu khairun for posting

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