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Your Divine Link


So I’ve been hearing a lot about Divine Link lately. Here’s a taste for ya’ll who haven’t had it yet 🙂

Here are a GEM some sisters have shared with me which really got me thinking.

Coming to rest – ie a complete stop, at peace, at each action of salah is a rukn or pillar of salah!  SubhanAllah, your salah isn’t valid without coming to rest. All those super-fast salahs, the 30-seconds expresses, they were a waste of time because they weren’t valid! SubhanAllah, which got us thinking, waAllahi, we are only getting into Jannah by the mercy of Allah. We *think* we’re doing an action correctly, we get some ‘ilm, and alhamdulillah we change for the better. But as you keep learning more and more, it seems you learn more even about the fardh actions which preferably, I’d like to have down-packed by now :p but sadly I am not a shaykh alhamdulillah :). But then again, alhamdulillah for the deen. There’s so much depth in everything that you keep learned and are always in constant awe of all that you do.

As a final note, I want Divine Link here inshaAllah 🙂 Wonder how that can happen bi’idnillah…


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