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‘So Remember Me…’


Allah swt says in Surah Baqarah, verse 152, ‘So Remember Me and I shall Remember you, and Be grateful to Me and do not deny Me.’


The word for Remember is dhikr – which is pretty self-explanatory :). Keep Allah on your tongue, in your heart, in your actions and He will Remember you. SubhanAllah – how amazing is that? Your Creator, specifically remembering you?

Then Allah swt says ‘Washkuru li wa la takfurooni.’ The first word is shukr – which is gratitude. Be grateful to Allah for all the blessings He gives you – most of them without you even asking Him! The next part, Allah swt uses the work takfurooni which comes from the root of kufr. Why would He use that? When kufr is used with shukr, it gives the meaning of ingratitude. What is kufr? It’s a denial, a covering up. So, in this context, it’s a denial of gratitude. Allah swt deserves your gratitude, yet some people deny Him that.

Allah swt goes on in verse 154 and says ‘O those who believe, Seek My help with patience and prayer. Verily Allah is with those who are patient.’  

This verse begins with a call to the believers. Whenever you see that, it should be a call to stop, listen, understand, reflect, and implement. The word help here is ‘aun in Arabic and it refers to any kind of help, in any affair, in any difficulty. Whenever anything befalls you, whether it be big or small, seek the help of Allah. What do you seek help with? Allah swt says with patience first. Sabr – patience – means to control/hold oneself on the obedience of Allah. It’s to hold oneself from falling.

Salah is mentioned after sabr – why? Because even for salah, you need sabr. Without sabr, you’ll fall apart and nothing will get accomplished. Salah aids in sabr as well – it’s a two-way street, so hasten to it as well!

Sabr is definitely hard but Allah swt goes on to say ‘Verily Allah is with those who are patient.’ SubhanAllah, He’s with you – both physically and morally. A note – the noun is used here: ‘as saabireen.’ Why would the noun be used? It’s because a noun implies one who does the acion a lot. A nice thing to note is the reward of the patient is without count – subhanAllah. There’s not limit to the reward.

Allah swt is with everyone with regards to His ‘ilm. He is with the believers, specifically those who are patient, with regards to His help and support.

SubhanAllah these two verses are so heart-warming and uplifting. I pray it’s of benefit to you all inshaAllah.


6 thoughts on “‘So Remember Me…’

  1. beti, that masbaha thingy is a bidaah 😉 u need some FOS! 😛

    ps. i once made a picture using
    Allah swt goes on in verse 154 and says ‘O those who believe, Seek My help with patience and prayer. Verily Allah is with those who are patient.’

    I should send you it =)

  2. I’m against Bid’ah too but ya shaykha dania those things are DECORATION for like the house…those beads are the size of my first nobody can do tasbeeh with them!! Whoever tries to do tasbeeh with that thing might as well run around the masjid and do tasbeeh by patting on people’s heads cuz thats about the same size…

    And yes sarah, they are pretty..

    one more thing dania…i think im gonna start calling you ‘the girl who went to Majd for FOS’ !!!!

  3. Hahhahah, dont do that bushra, instead of duck duck goose ‘Allahu akbar, alhamduliah, asta’furallah!’ LOL

    and yeah man 🙂 majd changed me haha not that i liked it 😛

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