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In Light of Current Times


(I know I’ve sent this out before – I just can’t get enough of this verse alhamdulillah… so decided to post here).

Alhamdulillah ‘ala kulli haal. I think most of us know what is happening here in Windsor and Detroit. That being said, I’d like to share a reminder, bi’idnillah for all of us.

Surah Baqarah, Verse 124 Allah swt says: ‘And When He tried Ibrahim (his Rabb) with certain words…’

What’s the word ‘to try’ (ibtila in arabic) mean? It means to put someone in a difficult situation, in hardship, a test. It’s hard, not easy.
For example, when you’re writing a test or an exam – you’re under pressure and it’s hard at times.

Why do you test?
1. To know it’s worth.
What do you do with a car when you test drive it? You want to see it’s worth – how well it runs.

But Allah already knows your worth, so why does He test?

2. To show others your worth. SubhanAllah. He, swt, already knows. He wants to show everyone else your worth, subhanAllah.

When you think of the people Allah swt tested, who were they? Prophets, first. They were tested the most. Then those under them in ranks, and those under, etc.

Who are these people? People Allah loves…
Verily, He tests those whom He loves ♥


SubhanAllah, and a reflection – when we’re tested, who do we get compared with? The Prophets, and the righteous companions. It’s like we’re in their ranks. SubhanAllah.

Our khateeb mentioned the story of Ai’sha (ra) and her slander on Friday. It relates so well to our times.

They put forth allegations on Ai’sha and the brother who escorted her – which we know were just allegations.
But the whole city was sitting there and talking.
The Prophet (S) went to the mimbar for a khutbah and what did he say? Simply, ‘I only know good of them.’ SubhanAllah.
Ai’sha said she cried so much she couldn’t cry anymore.
What happened afterwards? Allah swt Himself revealed her innocence.
It was cleared to all the people. Those who talked bad had their punishment.
Those who were patient had their reward, walhamdulillah.

Now, Surah Baqarah 124 ends with what?
It ends with, ‘…and he (Ibrahim) fulfilled them.’

That word to fulfill – it has the connotation of to completely, perfectly fulfill. He did it right and fully.

And when speaking of patience, we’re told of the story of Prophet Ya’qub (as) – what did he say in the time of adversity? ‘Fa sabrun jamilun…’ – ‘So beautiful patience…’

May Allah swt allow our brothers to completely fulfill their test.
May He gave patience, the sabrun jamilun of Ya’qub, to their families and them.
May He reveal the innocence of the brothers, as He did for Ai’sha (ra) for the masses to see.
May He, al ‘aziz, al hakeem, grant ‘izza and hikmah to the Ummah.
Ameen thumma Ameen.

Keep them in your du’aas.

‘Verily with difficulty comes ease, with difficulty comes ease…’


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  1. Thanks for giving up on me Dania 😛
    DOP – I just posted a bunch of things all together lol. Alhamdulillah making up for time.

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