Eid Mubarak

TaqabAllahu minna wa minkum! Ameen.


A Well-Made Rant


Shaykh Abu Eesa is quickly becoming one of my favourties, mashaAllah. With my last rant, I’ve been thinking a lot about making an anti-sisters rant, but here Shaykh Abu Eesa nicely rants about everyone and our whole dilemma. May Allah swt gives us all hidaaya. Ameen.

What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Just read it 🙂

Your Divine Link


So I’ve been hearing a lot about Divine Link lately. Here’s a taste for ya’ll who haven’t had it yet 🙂

Here are a GEM some sisters have shared with me which really got me thinking.

Coming to rest – ie a complete stop, at peace, at each action of salah is a rukn or pillar of salah!  SubhanAllah, your salah isn’t valid without coming to rest. All those super-fast salahs, the 30-seconds expresses, they were a waste of time because they weren’t valid! SubhanAllah, which got us thinking, waAllahi, we are only getting into Jannah by the mercy of Allah. We *think* we’re doing an action correctly, we get some ‘ilm, and alhamdulillah we change for the better. But as you keep learning more and more, it seems you learn more even about the fardh actions which preferably, I’d like to have down-packed by now :p but sadly I am not a shaykh alhamdulillah :). But then again, alhamdulillah for the deen. There’s so much depth in everything that you keep learned and are always in constant awe of all that you do.

As a final note, I want Divine Link here inshaAllah 🙂 Wonder how that can happen bi’idnillah…

On The First Day of Dhul Hijjah…


*Edit: Flyer added*

InshaAllah tomorrow, the 18th of November will be the first day of Dhul Hijjah. These are one of the most blessed days of the year so let us take advantage of it bi’idnillah!

1. Here is a video by Shaykh Sajed Ahmed Umar. It’s really nice and heart-warming.

2. There is a cool video by Shaykh Yasir and short articles here on Muslim Matters.

3. Here is an awesome short excerpt from Shaykh Muhammad Alshareef’s email:

According to the Prophet, sal Allahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, who said, “There is no day more honorable in Allah’s sight and no acts more beloved therein to Allah than those in these ten days (of Dhul-Hijjah)”
In these first 10 days of the Month of DhulHijjah we find:
…the 9th day is the day of Arafah,
…and the 10th day is Eid.
Even if you are not traveling for Hajj, you can still put in extra effort to do more good deeds.

What sort of extra good deeds can you do?
1. Fasting these 10 days
2. Giving more charity during these 10 days
3. Say the “Eid” Takbeers loudly wherever you go. (Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. Laa ilaaha illa Allah. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. Walillaahil hamd.)
4. Try to pray more prayers in the Masjid
5. Increase ties of kinship (visit family, say kind words to them, etc.)
6. Perform more voluntary prayers at home
7. Read more Quran, contemplating the meanings
8. Do more Dhikr
9. Ask for forgiveness more frequently

May Allah swt accept our deeds, accept the Hajj of our fellow Muslimeen who went, and grant us all Hajj! Ameen ❤

4. Here is an awesome flyer mashaAllah, encompassing the main points about these blessed days.

Married Muslim Women


(Here’s the rant I was going to post a while back… but it got saved in drafts and never happened lol)

So, whilst talking about Muslims’ favourite topic #1 with a dear sister, it got me thinking later on. And I’m sure this wonderful topic has been covered many times on many blogs, but hey, I need to rant :).

Here’s the dealio: Sisters, we’re all busy educating ourselves. So, when it comes time for marriage, why is it that a brother, who himself is educated, may not want his (future) wife to continue her education? C’mon now. Seriously.

Lemme break this down. The Woman, who will become a Mother, needs an edu-ma-cation. Pourquoi?

1. She will be a mom. If the first university of a child is his mother’s lap, then what are you doing to your children by depriving your wife of an education?

2. Work: Okay, not everyone has to work. No doubt about it. But an education brings so much back-up, like in the case the husband cannot work, in the case of divorce or death.

And with all due respect, we always complain about there not being females this, females that, so if your wifey is capable of fixing that problem, why not allow her to? I remember Shaykh Saed mentioning how the community sins if a woman has to see a male doctor (no sin with her if she’s sick – she has to go) beacuse it’s fardh kifaayah for the community to make sure there are female doctors. SubhanAllah.

Now, this reminds me of Shaykh Waleed’s flat tire analogy which goes like this: Extremely involved brother gets married to extremely involved sister. BAM! They both stop doing anything and everything. If two people like that do get married, isn’t that like an awesome set up, mashaAllah, to become a power couple, bring back the Ummah, be a reviver of the deen, etc? No? Hm. I’m not going to try and understand that one.

That also brings up brothers who may be extremely involved but don’t want their wives to be. Okay bro, what exactly do you relate on then? Nothing? Wonderful. Happy marriage then.

Wilted White Rose and Babys Breath B/W

Okay, and I get that marriage is hard and requires work, yadda, yadda, yadda. But that should not be an excuse to fall back on deen. The Prophet (S) had 13 wives! If it was that bad, he would’ve been the first to have left his deen. But no, he was the *first* to maintain everything mashaAllah. There are plenty examples from the community too (okay not plenty, a few :)) that I’m sure we could look at too mashaAllah.

Recently, my mom told me how some girls just wear abaya/hijab/etc to get married! OMG that made me want to scream! SubhanAllah! Like, sisters don’t wear abaya/hijab for the sake of Allah ‘cuz they say it’s too hard, but there are sisters out there who do it for marriage? *deep breaths* I’m not judging these sisters – maybe they’re trying hard and we don’t know what’s really happening, but subhanAllah, is marriage more important than pleasing Allah? Through marriage, you should be pleasing Allah too! Argh. I’m sure this happens for brothers too – that they just grow a beard, or whatever, to get married. I still don’t get it though. That outward appearance of deen – it’s not easy. People don’t do it for a reason. Yet these people can do it because their desire for whatever is so strong. SubhanAllah.

Then there’s the whole in-laws issue. I’m not even going to begin with that. Oh, and there’s the many desi horror stories of the future spouse looking so good on the outside (man, how do they fake it?) and when they get married… subhanAllah, whole different story.

Okay spilled(skim) milk, I think I have to agree. Maybe marriage is a bunch of bakwaas sometimes :).

I was just thinking how marriage was made so simple and easy in Islam. We just make it so complicated with our requirements, fakeness, issues, extravagance, and God knows what else.

And maybe also I’m living in single-girl-bubble and have been exposed to the realities of marriage. But I seriously believe it shouldn’t be like this. Alhamdulillah for the ones who aren’t.

Sigh, may Allah swt protect us, And May He grant the non-married folks pious, righteous spouses, and the married folks barakah and happiness in their marriage. Ameen.

Sabr Formula


Thanks spilled(skim)milk for the epiphany last nigtht 🙂

Okay, so something befalls you – whether it’s big or small. What do you do?

1. Say, ‘Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’oon.’ Verily to Allah we belong and to Him we return.

Cool, got that. What’s next?

2. ‘Fa sabrun jamilun.’ Have the beautiful patience of Yaqub (as). Tough part – no doubt about it.

Now what?

3. ‘InnaAllaha ma’as saabireen.’ ‘Verily Allah is with those who are patient.’ SubhanAllah, man, Allah’s got yo’ back!


I really like this pic 🙂

Isn’t it awesome mashaAllah? These verses are from different parts of the Qur’an and they all come together so nicely alhamdulillah.

I think I’ve fallen in love with the Qur’an again 🙂

‘So Remember Me…’


Allah swt says in Surah Baqarah, verse 152, ‘So Remember Me and I shall Remember you, and Be grateful to Me and do not deny Me.’


The word for Remember is dhikr – which is pretty self-explanatory :). Keep Allah on your tongue, in your heart, in your actions and He will Remember you. SubhanAllah – how amazing is that? Your Creator, specifically remembering you?

Then Allah swt says ‘Washkuru li wa la takfurooni.’ The first word is shukr – which is gratitude. Be grateful to Allah for all the blessings He gives you – most of them without you even asking Him! The next part, Allah swt uses the work takfurooni which comes from the root of kufr. Why would He use that? When kufr is used with shukr, it gives the meaning of ingratitude. What is kufr? It’s a denial, a covering up. So, in this context, it’s a denial of gratitude. Allah swt deserves your gratitude, yet some people deny Him that.

Allah swt goes on in verse 154 and says ‘O those who believe, Seek My help with patience and prayer. Verily Allah is with those who are patient.’  

This verse begins with a call to the believers. Whenever you see that, it should be a call to stop, listen, understand, reflect, and implement. The word help here is ‘aun in Arabic and it refers to any kind of help, in any affair, in any difficulty. Whenever anything befalls you, whether it be big or small, seek the help of Allah. What do you seek help with? Allah swt says with patience first. Sabr – patience – means to control/hold oneself on the obedience of Allah. It’s to hold oneself from falling.

Salah is mentioned after sabr – why? Because even for salah, you need sabr. Without sabr, you’ll fall apart and nothing will get accomplished. Salah aids in sabr as well – it’s a two-way street, so hasten to it as well!

Sabr is definitely hard but Allah swt goes on to say ‘Verily Allah is with those who are patient.’ SubhanAllah, He’s with you – both physically and morally. A note – the noun is used here: ‘as saabireen.’ Why would the noun be used? It’s because a noun implies one who does the acion a lot. A nice thing to note is the reward of the patient is without count – subhanAllah. There’s not limit to the reward.

Allah swt is with everyone with regards to His ‘ilm. He is with the believers, specifically those who are patient, with regards to His help and support.

SubhanAllah these two verses are so heart-warming and uplifting. I pray it’s of benefit to you all inshaAllah.