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I saw the trailer for this film and subhanAllah – it actually seems real. I love stories based on real people, real things, real life. And to top it off, this movie has won awards at festivals like Cannes. Woohoo. Except, we don’t hear about that ;). Khayr inshaAllah, check it out:


12 thoughts on “Amreeka

  1. I heard its really good, people in my class were ‘making fun of it’ and then i figured out it was Palestinian lol good times

    but it looks really good never saw the trailer

  2. lol hiddensouls, stop hating.
    I remembered I had a blog yesterday :O
    lol SubhanAllah, yes, make du’aa for me – 5 midterms this week! sigh, alhamdulillah.
    A rant is coming right up 🙂 inshaAllah

  3. soooo……did you experience that phenomena where, during midterm time, you think of EVERYTHING you want to do, and then, after midterms are over, you just don’t wanna do anything and all the things you wanted to do and said you would do as soon as midterms were over vanished =)

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