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SubhanAllah, the deaths are everywhere. This kid from my high school passed away this week on his first day of school. It just gets you thinking, how much time do I have left? What have I done? Am I going packed with the right stuff in the right suitcase? And SubhanAllah, there have been so many young people, people my age, passing away left and right. It was their time. Did they know? Not at all. But that’s the point. Let’s keep preparing, inshaAllah, by packing that suitcase.

Sigh. On a slightly better note, we’re in the last few days of Ramadan. This is probably my number one most favourite du’aa (because I have many favourit du’aas 😉 ).

Aisha asked the Prophet (saw) “What should I say on Laylat-al-qadr?” He replied,


Say, “O Allah, You are Al-‘Afuww and You love to ‘afw, so fa’fu me” (Tirmidhi).

What do all these italicized words mean? The common translation of the supplication above is,

O Allah indeed you are a Pardoner, and you love pardon, so pardon me.

What exactly does this du’aa mean? That’s for the amazingly awesome Muslim Matters article to explain inshaAllah.

SubhanAllah, it’s such a short du’aa, so sweet and simple yet so great. Add it to your du’aa list if it’s not already one there and keep saying.

And, one more thing. Make du’aa for all your fellow Muslims these last few days, including me :).


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