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Two Days Down…


Two Days down… how many more to go? 🙂 InshaAllah.

University isn’t too bad – maybe because we haven’t had any real work yet, alhamdulillah. Here are some random things that stuck out:

Back To School

1. I love my program alhamdulillah :). I won’t make this an advertisement for it… yet.

2. Intro Greek – the prof mentioned how the Greeks don’t have much but somehow lasted for thousands of years (they weren’t united, the land isn’t great, etc). Then he mentioned their staple foods: grains, olives, and grapes and I thought – SubhanAllah olives and grapes – aren’t those foods mentioned in the Qur’an? Hm… and you wonder how they lasted for thousands of years.

3. Bio – this video never gets old. It’s at the end. SubhanAllah x a million for it :).

4. So much freedom, so much fitnah – go to class, don’t go, wear what you want, or don’t wear clothes. Sigh. It’s nice not being bossed around. It’s not nice seeing flesh and PDA and public advertisements for haraam central. Khayr inshaAllah. Not going to complan too much – it’s so much better than high school :).

5. Just to make it odd – Textbooks are too heavy and expensive. Wait, university is too expensive. I think we all know that. Oh, the cost of educating yourself… subhanAllah :).  Well, here’s Obama trying to make students feel better. It works, somewhat :). I must say, a note from him would be really nice. Thanks spilled(skim)milk :P.

Here’s the Cell Video:

Off to go read some textbooks… inshaAllah.

EDIT: which reminds me! What’s the point of a textbook which is a) too heavy to bring to class b) too big to bring to class c) won’t even fit on the desk! Hmm… I hope this question is answered in the next four years.


4 thoughts on “Two Days Down…

  1. @ the video-lol I thought it was the introduction so I kept ‘fastforwarding’ to the talking/action and didn’t find any…

    @ the textbook-the point is NOT to take it to class! Class is for a)listening b)sleeping c)daydreaming with less guilt than in other settings…
    textbooks are to in your locker (cody hall) and take to the library during study time (which for some classes will be right before midterms and finals 🙂 )

  2. Bushra: video: lol it has no talking – it’s all action 😉
    @ texts: lol yeaaah… I think I’ll start following that advice 🙂
    bintAbi: sigh – tis life 🙂

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