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A New Addition


Yesterday, after 4 taraweeh, our Imam goes up to the mic and says that earlier this month, he had 3 women come into his office and give Shahadah. Now, he said, there were 3 young men. SubhanAllah, they were there with him and said shahadah in front of the whole crowd, mashaAllah, waAllahu akbar.

I don’t remembering witnessing a shahadah but yesterday, seeing those new brothers, was one of the most beautiful things. They were apparently young too – either high school or early university age.


So, I pray that Allah swt keeps all 6 of my new brothers and sisters steadfast on the deen, makes them revivers of the deen, and righteous leaders of our Ummah! Ameen.

Being granted the tawfique of Allah to accept Islam in Ramadan… subhanAllah amazing.


6 thoughts on “A New Addition

  1. 🙂 Alhamdulilah, it was really beautiful!

    subhanAllah one of them goes to my school, and never thought he would be interested in islam. Islam is just .. amazing =) alhamduliah grabs the hearts of people you would have never thought would accept it.

  2. Allahu akbar!! Three?? MashaAllah…! Ameen to the du’aa!

    Man I’m missing out on all this stuff happening at taraweeh 😦

  3. You know I had to come back here just to make sure I’m on the right website. …Still in shock…Why did no one tell me?!?! Oh I wish I was there…! Khair inshaAllah..

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