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The Half-Way Point


SubhanAllah, Ramadan’s already more than half over. Time fliesss by. Some reflections:

1. The sister who passed away – subhanAllah, she was by herself here in Ramadan. She got to die in Ramadan. She had a full house praying janaazah on her. May Allah swt allow our janaazah’s to be like that.

2. Our Qari Muzammil – his father passed away yesterday or the day before, while he’s here.. subhanAllah as he was trying to make du’aa after taraweeh, poor thing kept breaking down.

3. Full house the first day mashaAllah – then slowly it dwindles. SubhanAllah, are we guranteed another Ramadan? I don’t even feel like I’ve taken advantage of this one enough! Ya Rabb, allow us to fully benefit from this Ramadan and to see another one! Ameen.

4. Imam in Ottawa – his daughter, who is about the same age as me, fell out of a high-rise building and passed away. SubhanAllah, she was set to start school like me, set to begin with her life and death comes.

Okay a lot of those were about death 🙂 But the point is, death is always going to be there. We may not finish Ramadan, or even see Ramadan. The Question is: Are we Ready?

Right, that’s it for now 🙂


10 thoughts on “The Half-Way Point

  1. Many death stories indeed…But inshAllah they all had a pleasant ending because they passed away in the month of Ramadan….wouldn’t that be such an honor?

  2. subhanAllah, I remember last year in Ramadan, we had the most janazahs in my area from the whole year! may Allah have mercy on the deceased Muslimeen. Ameen.

    I read the story of that sister and sister maymoonah from Ottawa, may Allah have mercy on them both and enter them into His Mercy, Ameen.

  3. Yeah SubhanAllah – DOP – I pray we’re honoured with the same!

    Amatullah – ameen to your du’aas! ❤

    wa iyyakki bint Abi

  4. SubhanAllah… Ameen thumma ameen to the du’aas. Your article reminds me of a (choppy) poem I wrote a long time ago – in fact I think I wrote it last Ramadan…

    Someone came by to visit Windsor today
    He passed by us and left without a say
    He found whom he had been looking for
    And within minutes he was out the door
    So discretely, no one knew he was there
    Not a second look was he given, nor a stare
    To think while I was sleeping he had been near
    He brought little with him yet left behind fear
    The angel of death came by to visit Windsor today
    Who knows, he might come again soon, he just may..

    May Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala have mercy on all who He has taken back and keep their families patient and strong.

    (p.s. it’s strange how every post I read on your site leaves me in utter shock bintmushtaq..)

  5. OOPs i pressed enter too soon…Sarah? Can you fix? MashAllah awesome poem! I love the way you put it…
    Don’t worry student I also find out most of life virtually or through my sister…or through my sister virtually…so…if you do get out of the house like my sis suggested, take me with you 😉

  6. spilled(skim)milk – mashaAllah, nice poem.

    lol you two should get out more often. see the sky, see the sun, see the world 🙂

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