I saw the trailer for this film and subhanAllah – it actually seems real. I love stories based on real people, real things, real life. And to top it off, this movie has won awards at festivals like Cannes. Woohoo. Except, we don’t hear about that ;). Khayr inshaAllah, check it out:




SubhanAllah, the deaths are everywhere. This kid from my high school passed away this week on his first day of school. It just gets you thinking, how much time do I have left? What have I done? Am I going packed with the right stuff in the right suitcase? And SubhanAllah, there have been so many young people, people my age, passing away left and right. It was their time. Did they know? Not at all. But that’s the point. Let’s keep preparing, inshaAllah, by packing that suitcase.

Sigh. On a slightly better note, we’re in the last few days of Ramadan. This is probably my number one most favourite du’aa (because I have many favourit du’aas ūüėČ ).

Aisha asked the Prophet (saw) ‚ÄúWhat should I say on Laylat-al-qadr?‚ÄĚ He replied,


Say, “O Allah, You are Al-‘Afuww and You love to ‘afw, so fa’fu me” (Tirmidhi).

What do all these italicized words mean? The common translation of the supplication above is,

O Allah indeed you are a Pardoner, and you love pardon, so pardon me.

What exactly does this du’aa mean? That’s for the amazingly awesome Muslim Matters article to explain inshaAllah.

SubhanAllah, it’s such a short du’aa, so sweet and simple yet so great. Add it to your du’aa list if it’s not already one there and keep saying.

And, one more thing. Make du’aa for all your fellow Muslims these last few days, including me :).

Two Days Down…


Two Days down… how many more to go? ūüôā InshaAllah.

University isn’t too bad – maybe because we haven’t had any real work yet, alhamdulillah. Here are some random things that stuck out:

Back To School

1. I love my program alhamdulillah¬†:). I won’t make this an advertisement for it… yet.

2. Intro Greek – the prof mentioned how the Greeks don’t have much but somehow lasted for thousands of years (they weren’t united, the land isn’t great, etc). Then he mentioned their staple foods: grains, olives, and grapes and I thought – SubhanAllah olives and grapes¬†– aren’t those¬†foods mentioned in the Qur’an? Hm… and you wonder how they lasted for thousands of years.

3. Bio – this video never gets old. It’s at the end.¬†SubhanAllah x a million for it :).

4. So much freedom, so much fitnah – go to class, don’t go, wear what you want, or don’t wear clothes. Sigh. It’s nice not being bossed around. It’s not nice seeing flesh and PDA and public advertisements for haraam central. Khayr inshaAllah. Not going to complan too much – it’s so much better than high school :).

5. Just to make it odd – Textbooks are too heavy and expensive. Wait, university is too expensive. I think we all know that.¬†Oh, the cost of educating yourself… subhanAllah :).¬†¬†Well, here’s Obama trying to make¬†students feel better. It works, somewhat :). I must say, a note from him would be really nice. Thanks spilled(skim)milk :P.

Here’s the Cell Video:

Off to go read some textbooks… inshaAllah.

EDIT: which reminds me! What’s the point of a textbook which is a) too heavy to bring to class b) too big to bring to class c) won’t even fit on the desk! Hmm… I hope this question is answered in the next four years.

A New Addition


Yesterday, after 4 taraweeh, our Imam goes up to the mic and says that earlier this month, he had 3 women come into his office and give Shahadah. Now, he said, there were 3 young men. SubhanAllah, they were there with him and said shahadah in front of the whole crowd, mashaAllah, waAllahu akbar.

I don’t remembering witnessing a shahadah but yesterday, seeing those new brothers, was one of the most beautiful things. They were apparently young too – either high school or early university age.


So, I pray that Allah swt keeps all 6 of my new brothers and sisters steadfast on the deen, makes them revivers of the deen, and righteous leaders of our Ummah! Ameen.

Being granted the tawfique of Allah to accept Islam in Ramadan… subhanAllah amazing.

The Half-Way Point


SubhanAllah, Ramadan’s already more than half over. Time fliesss by. Some reflections:

1. The sister who passed away – subhanAllah, she was by herself here in Ramadan. She got to die in Ramadan. She had a full house praying janaazah on her. May Allah swt allow our janaazah’s to be like that.

2. Our Qari Muzammil – his father passed away¬†yesterday or the day before,¬†while he’s here.. subhanAllah as he was trying to make du’aa after taraweeh, poor thing kept breaking down.

3. Full house the first day mashaAllah – then slowly it dwindles. SubhanAllah, are we guranteed another Ramadan? I don’t even feel like I’ve taken advantage of this one enough! Ya Rabb, allow us to fully benefit from this Ramadan and to see another one! Ameen.

4. Imam in Ottawa – his daughter, who is about the same age as me, fell out of a high-rise building and passed away. SubhanAllah, she was set to start school like me, set to begin with her life and death comes.

Okay a lot of those were about death ūüôā But the point is, death is always going to be there. We may not finish Ramadan, or even see Ramadan. The Question is: Are we Ready?

Right, that’s it for now ūüôā