Ramadan Around the World


I love seeing Muslims everywhere. Here is Boston.com’s annual Ramadan around the World.


I love it mashaAllah – some are heart-wrenching, some are beautiful, all of them make you love it all. Alhamdulillah.


‘They were made to drink’


I haven’t put up a word analysis post for a while. Do forgive me inshaAllah. Here it goes. Just to add: you know sometimes, certain verses just hit you? This is one of them I want to share inshaAllah.

Surah AlBaqarah, verse 93, goes as the following:

 وَإِذۡ أَخَذۡنَا مِيثَـٰقَكُمۡ وَرَفَعۡنَا فَوۡقَڪُمُ ٱلطُّورَ خُذُواْ مَآ ءَاتَيۡنَـٰڪُم بِقُوَّةٍ۬ وَٱسۡمَعُواْ‌ۖ قَالُواْ سَمِعۡنَا وَعَصَيۡنَا وَأُشۡرِبُواْ فِى قُلُوبِهِمُ ٱلۡعِجۡلَ بِڪُفۡرِهِمۡ‌ۚ قُلۡ بِئۡسَمَا يَأۡمُرُڪُم بِهِۦۤ إِيمَـٰنُكُمۡ إِن كُنتُم مُّؤۡمِنِينَ  

 ‘And remember when we took a covenant from you and We lifted the mount of Tur over your heads saying: “Take what We have given you firmly and listen to our commandments.” You replied, “We have heard but we will not obey.” So much was the love of that calf in their hearts due to their unbelief. Tell them, “If you are real believers, then why does your faith prompt you to do such evil thoughts?” ‘ (93)

This verse is in reference to Bani Isra’eel and their taking the calf as worship. I’m just examining the underlined part of the verse inshaAllah. This part really hit me.

وَأُشۡرِبُواْ فِى قُلُوبِهِمُ ٱلۡعِجۡلَ بِڪُفۡرِهِمۡ‌ۚ

Glass of Water

Literally, this part should read ‘They were made to drink in their hearts the calf because of their disbelief.’ Why is the word ‘to drink’ used? In arabic, when feelings of love or hate are settled very much in a person’s heart, the word ‘sharab’ or ‘to drink’ is used. Think about it. When you drink something, it affects you directly. You feel the cool water go down your mouth, throat, stomach, and then the feeling spreads. It’s not limited. So what does this mean in context?

1. Bani Isra’eel are completely filled with love of the calf. That’s all they have and know.

2. They are absorbed with the love of the calf – so much so that they can’t take it out. Because of their kufr, their disbelief, this love has settled in their hearts.

SubhanAllah – it’s like they’re stuck. May Allah swt protect us from this state. May we be immsersed in love for Allah – rabbil alameen.

How Sweet


On the first day of taraweeh, I was on cloud nine, alhamdulillah. Why? Because I understood (mostly) what was being recited. In AlHuda, we had finished a little more than half of the first Juzz’ so hearing the Qari recite that… was amazing, to say it in one word. That got me thinking, what if the whole jam-packed masjid had understanding of the Qur’an? What if they knew why the Qari emphasized one verse or repeated another? What if it touched all their hearts? Where then would our Ummah be?


Sigh. It’s Ramadan. Which also makes it the best time to make du’aa for the betterment of the Ummah 🙂 The moral of the story: learn the meaning of the Qur’an. WaAllahi, it changes your life, your outlook, your Eman, your… everything. Alhamdulillahi rabbil alameen.

It Begins!


So tonight will be the first of taraweeh – so looking forward to it. I just wanted to say Ramadan Mubarak to everyone inshaAllah. Make du’aa that we all make the best of this month and that Allah swt allows us to experience it to the fullest and to experience it again. Also make du’aa I keep up with this blog lol 😛 Just playing lol. Just keep all your fellow Muslims in your du’aas inshaAllah.

Ramadan Kareem

The Month…


It’s been a while since I’ve posted. InshaAllah I’ll be beginning again.

So, in a few days, the wonderful month of Ramadan is beginning inshaAllah. How to prepare? There are many ways. I’m going to post some links and resources but if you know others, please do share inshaAllah!


1. Ilminar: The Fasting and the Furious –> It’s being replayed currently on www.ilminar.com

2. The Heartwheel Journal –> http://www.heartwheeljournal.com/ I’ve heard it’s also going to be available as an online version. If you see that, please let me know!

3. Shaykh Navaid Aziz gave a Welcome Ramadan lecture a couple weeks ago. The notes by a sister can be found here.

4. On Shaykh Riad’s blog, you can find ‘Maximize Your Ramadan’ here which also a cool resource.

 5. AlHuda is doing a Ramadan Course as usual, alhamdulillah.

6. Here is a  RamadaanChecklist and 30 Lessons For Those Who Fast. Both are PDF’s. The first can be printed (one page) and the second can be read. (30 Lessons… was taken from Kalamullah. Check it out here and you can find many other resources inshaAllah!)

7. Listen to lectures on Ramadan on Halal Tube.

And I will stop right there bi’idnillah. My one word of advice? Something I’m going to be doing myself inshaAllah – make a Ramadan Du’aa list. We don’t make enough du’aa as it is, and we should definitely up the du’aas we make in Ramadan. So, make that list. As Shaykh Muhammad Alshareef said, just choose two things you really want – one from the dunya, and one from the akhirah. Begin from there. Sincerely and consistently make du’aa for them. Who knows? By the end of the year, or even month, your du’aa may be answered 🙂 Walhamdulillahi rabbil alameen!