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In the Path of Allah


My mom takes classes online with ‘Nur ul Qur’an’ which basically teaches what AlHuda does. The teacher, Ustadha Iffat Maqbool, is just amazing mashaAllah. I had the opportunity to meet her at the AlHuda center in Toronto and I just fell in love with her, mashaAllah. She told the class a story on Friday which my mom told me and I decided to share.

Ustadha went off to Germany for a da’wah trip. She travels to many places with her husband, and both of them give various halaqaat at various places. They had booked an economy class ticket and when they reached the counter to board the airplane, the economy counter was closed. She saw the first class counter was open and went there instead. They had a lot of books on them which they were going to give out in Germany and were worried that they would be charged or have to leave them behind. SubhanAllah, the person at the first class counter took all their bags from them, booked them through, and put them on a first class seat. SubhanAllah.

Everything for their flight was taken care of so they decided to go check hotels for when they reached Germany. When they reached the appropriate counter and began speaking to the person, he or she gave them a five star hotel for free and vouchers for all their meals! SubhanAllah they were in awe.

Bliss and Comfort!

Bliss and Comfort!

On Friday, during class, she was sitting in a five star hotel, with more food than she needed, and crying. Why? She said people say working in the path of Allah is hard, that they can’t do it. What they don’t realize is Allah (swt) makes your path so much easier. Did they know this would happen? Not at all! Ustadha and her husband don’t spend a lot of money at all and were not looking to live lavishly. It was through working for the sake of Allah (swt), that He (swt) put barakah in their works and blessed them with so much more.

The verse ‘Verily with every hardship comes ease, with every hardship comes ease’ came to my mind. They were about to travel, without knowing where they were to stay, and with a load of books which they didn’t think they could take all of. In the situation, so much ease came about. The books were taken care of and they were given a first class seat – ease while travelling. When they reached Germany, their hotel was a five star one and food was taken care of – ease at the destination. They were blessed for working for the sake of Allah (swt).

InshaAllah this is a lesson for all of us. Allah (swt) will never leave those who work for His sake. There are signs of that everywhere 🙂


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